I don’t care what anyone says. Cancer does not make you a better person.

I can’t find any blog about having cancer that I can relate to so I created my own.

I am in my early forties, diagnosed with a very rare form of aggressive breast cancer. Since the day of my diagnosis, my world has turned upside down.


I have deleted the word portion of my blog. There are too many reasons to list and, quite frankly, since this is really not an anonymous blog anymore I have no intention of sharing the reasons.

I will keep my pictures page up, until or unless it becomes a problem. If anyone coming across this page has any questions about breast cancer, chemo, reconstruction or spinal fusion please email me at planetbananas9 at gmail dot com

Depending on what happens moving forward, I may add a page about scoliosis and fusions.

To those of you who have commented and supported me through this hellish journey, thank you. Your kindness means more to me than you will ever know.


July 18, 2016

Yes…. I have started the blog again. This time it is dedicated to helping alleviate the suffering of anyone who is dealing with the after-effects of breast cancer, menopause and/or chronic pain issues. Anyone who feels alone, misunderstood, tired of telling people how you feel when how you feel never changes.


I would like to think you could come here read these pages and not feel alone. I have committed to writing what is, not what I would like it to be. I will keep it raw uncensored and not worry about the fact that people I know know about this blog. They are not more important then my health and my sanity. I hope anyone who stops by here leaves feeling a little better. There is no question I will not answer, if you want to send me a question to write about send it to planetbananas9@gmail.com

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi planet bananas. This is 25weeks from the bc.org message board. Like your blog. Like your honesty, bluntness, and the fact that you can say fuck with ease. I tend to cuss like a sailor, and even more so since May 11, 2012.

    I’ll be 41 on July 23rd, so we’re close in age. I’m really pretty young at heart though. I like to think I’m not your typical 41 year old female.

    Keep writing. It’s cathartic. I know it is for me. Sometimes the boards are overwhelming & I’m only ever on with my phone, so it’s a pain in the ass. I start chemo (TC) around July 19. I think I’m going to get a haircut today. I’m a take control kind of person. Own it, I say. Feel free to message me directly anytime.


  2. God, I’m so tired of having diets suggested along with the constant admonishments to start an exercise program. Cancer’s going to kill me one way or another. I enjoy eating. I’m not going to give that up for a few extra days of life. I don’t enjoy working out. I’m not going to waste the time I have doing something I hate. When I feel bad, I don’t want to be told I need to feel good. I want someone to listen, agree I feel bad, and be OK with that. Little wonder so many cancer patients become recluses.

  3. THANK YOU!!!! One of the things I think we realize is how precious time is and why waste it doing things we hate? I would take quality over quantity any day.

  4. I am 52 years old and just diagnosed with breast cancer. My mothers mother and my mother both had masectomys and my mothers sister had a lumpectomy. I have choosen a double masectomy and they will be taking my ovaries as well. I just want to say your blog is upfront and I love it. Thank you.

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